After a very long 15 months of them being shut, Irish cinemas have fired up those popcorn machines and are ready to cater for us in our droves.

It is one of the greatest escapes we all love to indulge in, but we didn't realise just how much we missed the cinema until we saw this welcome back ad created by Wide Eye Media.

Featuring clips from a number of memorable movies such as 'Burn After Reading', 'E.T.', 'Notting Hill', '8 Mile', 'Bridesmaids' and many more, it really is quite the emotional rollercoaster to see - especially if you're watching it as part of the trailers in your local cinema.

Here are some happy customers who got emotional while sitting down to watch one of the newest movies in the cinema.

And here's the cinema "Welcome Back" ad that cinema-goers have been welling up to in case you haven't already been able to see it yet on the big screen.

If you wish to get involved in the return of Irish cinemas, be sure to share your joy by using the hashtag #HelloBigScreen on social media.

Be sure to check which of your local cinemas are open, and what titles they are showing, by heading to our handy listings section. We've also got a full rundown of which movies are out in cinemas this June, which you can see here.