One of the most highly anticipated threequels out there has to be the second follow-up to 'Legally Blonde'.

The first 'Legally Blonde' hit cinemas in the summer of 2001 and it proved to be as iconic - and pink - as such features as 'Clueless' and 'Mean Girls'.

While Reese Witherspoon would win the Oscar for playing June Carter in 'Walk the Line', the actress will probably be forever associated with Elle Woods - that sweet, smart, SoCal sorority girl who would go on to be an impressive lawyer.

'Legally Blonde' is influential, quotable, and hilarious.

It proved to be sleeper hit for MGM, and is still adored two decades on.

In fact, many women site the film as a source of inspiration for them to go into law.

Now we're testing how well you remember the movie.

Read the latest developments for 'Legally Blonde 3' below.

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