Certain elements haven't aged well, we grant you, but when it comes to Drew Barrymore favourites, 'Never Been Kissed' is still beloved by her fans.

Now that the actress has her own talk show, it made sense that she organise a 'Never Been Kissed' reunion.

Drew Barrymore first talked with her former co-star Molly Shannon (who played a co-worker of Barrymore's character, Josie, in the movie).

Then Shannon introduced David Arquette on the show, who played Josie's brother Rob in the romantic comedy.

Then Josie's love interest Sam Coulson - aka Michael Vartan - showed up. This immediately had Drew Barrymore in tears.

Vartan then shared a behind the scenes story from 'Never Been Kissed' that even the lead actress didn't know about.

The actor explained that during the finale, where his character gives Josie her first kiss on the baseball field, he got a little, let's say, overexcited.

Vartan had to yell "Cut!" feigning that his back was hurting him. Then after thinking of "dead puppies" among other things to calm down, they resumed filming.

Here he tells the tale.

You can stream 'Never Been Kissed' on Disney Plus now.