If tomorrow never comes, at least we'll know that the country superstar at least tried to right the wrongs of one of the biggest talking points in Irish history.

The people from 2014 called, and they want their Garth Brooks back. The country singer is reportedly lining up a series of Croke Park gigs for 2022, and Irish Twitter has a lot to say on the matter.

In case you need reminding - apologies to anyone still experiencing a weekly fever dream on the matter - the country star had his heart set on headlining five sold-out concerts in Croke Park back in 2014. However, his Comeback Special left 400,000 fans disappointed and irate after the singer kicked up a fuss about how many nights he would perform.

Originally expected to play for just two nights, Dublin City Council only granted a license for him to appear for three nights in the end. Garth Brooks, however, said five nights at Croke Park or nothing - and so, we got nothing.

The debacle made headlines across the world, and, depending who you talk to in your local these day, ticket holders still haven't forgotten about it and will go out of their way to tell you of their ordeal.

All might not be lost for Garth Brooks superfans, however, as he is planning on returning to the country. According to Virgin Media News, negotiations are "at an advanced stage" to bring him back for three dates in September 2022.

The announcement hasn't yet been confirmed by Dublin County Council, but that hasn't stopped Irish Twitter from speculating further. Here's how people have been reacting on social media.

How will this turn out, Ireland? Stay tuned for the Garth Brooks Croke Park Saga Pt. II, arriving on your news feed very soon.